The Alpha Kappa Phi Scholarship

What is the Alpha Kappa Phi Scholarship?

In 1997, Alpha Kappa Phi Inc. donated $5,000 to the Geneseo Foundation. This donation created a special scholarship through the college to financially assist AGO sisters with their educational expenses. In June 2005 the fund reached the minimum needed for an endowment. We awarded the first scholarship at our 120th Anniversary celebration in Fall 2005. Our goal is to increase the amount in fund so that one day we can award a full tuition scholarship for one of our sisters!

How Can I Contribute?

If you are contacted by the Geneseo Foundation please consider directing some or all of your contribution to our scholarship. All you have to do is specify the amount and ask for it to be allocated to the “Alpha Kappa Phi Scholarship”. Your gift will be assisting current and future Ago Sisters for years to come.

You can donate right now, online! Visit the Geneseo Foundation’s Donation Page. Please make sure to select the Alpha Kappa Phi Endowed Scholarship, and fill in Alpha Kappa Phi Scholarship in the comment section.

What are the Requirements for the Award Candidates?

  • AGO sister in good standing with the sorority
  • 2.5+ GPA
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Completed application

How is the recipient chosen?

We have a committee of alumni volunteers who review the applications. They are sent out via email and voting occurs through email as well. The committee is made up volunteers across many decades and from all over the country. If you would like to be on the committee please contact us at for more information.

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