“Agos Have a Home”


Here is the 1969 article text:

” ‘A dorm is not a home’, might have been the theme of the Agonian sorority when they decided, at the beginning of last year, that they wanted a sorority house. The one they have chosen was once a family home, and now it is home to the members of the sorority.

The house at 26 Wadsworth St. was chosen because it is the “nicest” and the nearest to campus of all the houses that the sisters looked at. It has room for 15 girls right now, but when a planned addition has been put on, there will be room for 21 girls.

The sisters live two or four to a room, with one single in the house. The closet and shelf space give the sisters a lot more room than they have in the dorm, and living in the house is much cheaper both in the area of rent and that of food.

Under the terms of their lease, the girls may make certain changes in the house. One was the addition mentioned above. Others are a new coat of paint for the living room, and updating of the bathrooms.

Much of the new furniture in the house was donated by the townspeople. Some of it came as housewarming presents. So far, most of the decorations in the house are sorority trophies, mugs, hangings, dishes, and so forth, but the sisters plan to redecorate soon.

The great advantage of a sorority house, according to those that live there, is the freedom and privacy it affords. As the sisters pointed out, a house is not a dorm—it is superior to it in every respect.”

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