The Ago House


26 Wadsworth Street

The Ago House at 26 Wadsworth Street is approximately 3,500 sq. ft. and sits on a half acre of land on the corner of Wadsworth Street and University Drive. We are proud to say we are one of the few Greek organizations at Geneseo that owns its house! A sincere thanks to all of the alumnae whose hard work, fundraising efforts, and donations made it all possible.

House History

If you recall any other house history, please email us and fill us in so we can update this page. Thanks!

1890 The house was built.
1969 The Agos move out of the dorm and start leasing the house. According to an article from our scrapbooks, it was chosen because it was the nicest and the nearest to campus. Read the article.
1972 The Agos purchased the house on August 31, 1972. There were 20 sisters living there at one time, and the Addition Room was built by this time. The dining room was wallpapered in a scenic wallpaper that consisted of pictures of horses pulling some kind of cart. The problem was that the horses were facing away from you. We finally got tired of seeing horses’ behinds and painted the room blue. We took a picture of those of us who painted with the last “horses’ asses”.


November 18, 1972

1987 Our mortgage was completely paid off!
1990 We installed vinyl siding, 42 new windows, and a new roof.
1995 Around this time the carpeting on the main floor was ripped out and in went laminate hardwood flooring. This makes for much easier clean up. The second driveway was blacktopped, and a deck was added in the backyard.
1999 All door locks in the house were replaced with push-button PIN locks. No more keys or “locker room” locks! The main bathroom got a new tile floor.
2001 The sorority corporation contracted a property management company to oversee maintenance of the house. We had a structural and mechanical home inspection performed. The electrical system was rewired. The Addition and Yellow rooms received new bunkbeds. The Addition, Closet, and Basement rooms got new carpeting. A new livingroom couch was purchased.
2002 The Kitchen room got a new bunkbed. One kitchen stove was replaced. Spring ’99 painted the foyer light blue, added stencils above the front door, painted the credenza white and stenciled it as well. New letters were hung in the front window. The Addition room’s brown paneling was painted white.
2003 The Blue and Nursery rooms got new bunkbeds. The following improvements were made to the house after our first annual AGO House Fund Drive:

  • Redoing the entire circular staircase and landing at the top of the stairs: refinishing the bannister, removing all the old full coverage carpeting on the stairs and stripping the paint off the stairs to restore them to their original hardwood state, removing the carpet from the landing and restoring it to the original harwood state
  • New carpeting in the upstairs hallway and back staircase
  • Sanding and restaining the wood baseboards and doors in the upstairs hallway
  • Wallpapering the dining room
  • Patching the walls in and painting the living room, front porch, foyer, main bathroom, upstairs hallway, and back stairwell
  • Window treatments for the dining room, living room, foyer, and upstairs hallway windows
2004 Yellow and Kitchen Rooms got new bunk beds. Our second annual AGO House Fund Drive allowed us to: Final touches were put on the staircase including the final clear coat on the staircase and banister, and installation of a carpet runner. We also took the first step towards replacing all of the floors on the first level. We started by doing the floor in the foyer. This will allow us to test out the new floor, which is a heavy-duty wood laminate, before we go ahead with the rest of the larger rooms. It looks beautiful and is working out great!
2005 Replaced upstairs shower
2006 Purchased two new refrigerators for the kitchen
2007 Our House is now subject to inspection by the Village of Geneseo on an annual basis. They notified us that the basement bedroom was not up to fire code so we had an egress casement window installed so that we could keep that room available. We also had the ceiling replaced and put in recessed lighting. It is much brighter now!
2008 We had the floors in the living and dining rooms redone with a laminate wood floor. We also purchased one new hot water tank on an emergency basis in November!
2010 Interior: Living Room and Foyer walls and trim were repaired from normal wear and tear and were given a fresh coat of paint. We also installed a new ceiling fan in the living room and a new chandelier in the foyer. Big NEWS! We removed the drop ceiling that has been in the dining room for so long. This was done for aesthetic and heating purposes. The hole in the floor into the basement was closed up in 2007 as it was not deemed necessary so the lower height of the ceiling was no longer a necessity for heating purposes.The ceiling and walls in the dining room were refinished and painted the same yellow as the living room. We also installed a new chandelier with dimmer switch. We also purchased new bunk beds for the basement bedroom.Exterior: Siding was replaced on the dining room side of the House and around the porch. New window framing was installed as well as all exterior trim on the House, including our letters were scraped and painted fresh.
2013 Phase one of our kitchen remodel was completed in August 2013! We removed and replaced the cabinet/counter section along the wall where the sink is. New cabinets, counter, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, hidden trash were part of the upgrades. Phases 2-5 are to come in the following years.

Ago House Fund

As our house gets older, more improvements and maintenance are needed. The house is currently maintained solely through the rent that each resident pays. The rent, which we try to keep at an affordable price that is significantly lower than any other Geneseo student housing, may not always be enough to get us through the more expensive improvements needed. It is our hope that we can count on our alumnae’s generosity to continue to improve the Ago House the way that it should be. Please consider donating to the Ago House Fund so we can beautify this lovely old Victorian house we have all called “home” and so we can continue to have the best sorority house in Geneseo.

If you have not been back to Geneseo in a while, please stop by the house the next time you visit. We always love to talk to and share memories with our wonderful alumnae!


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