Welcome to Alpha Kappa Phi 

There are currently 54 sisters of the Alpha Kappa Phi Sorority at SUNY Geneseo. We were established in 1885 as the Alpha Chapter of the Agonian Sorority (which is where our commonly used nickname, “AGO,” originates from). We encourage you to explore our website where you’ll get to know our extraordinary members and discover the history and traditions that have sustained our sisterhood for 136 years! 

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  1. My mother graduated from SUNY Geneseo in 1943 and was an AGO. I have a sorority vest of hers as well as her sorority pin. Are these items anything that your sorority collects?

  2. I have my grandmothers sorority pin. She graduated from your college in the early 1900’s. Would you be interested in her sorority pin for some of your new pledgesor members? We would love to see it go somewhere where it can be of use to someone. Thanks…Alison Bauer, granddaughter of Helen Marie Luckhardt.

    • Hi Alison!
      I am so sorry for getting back to you months after you left this message! We would love to have your grandmother’s sorority pin if you still have it. We actually have a collection of vintage items that have been returned to us over the years and we would love to add her pin to the collection. Please let us know if you still have it and we would be happy to pay for shipping!

      President, Alpha Kappa Phi Incorporated

      • Stephanie…better late than never!! Yes I still have her pin and its anxious to find a good home. Please tell me where to send it, and I’ll get it to you. Thanks so much….Alison

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